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About Alipay

As a leading nationwide merchant service provider, US Bankcard Services, Inc. (USBSI) has taken the initiative to be one of the very first merchant service providers to offer US merchants the Alipay Payment Service, one of the most popular payment services in China, through a partnership with Citcon Merchant Services.

The Alipay Payment Service provides a convenient and familiar payment option for traveling Chinese consumers. By accepting Alipay, you gain exposure to 450 million active Alipay users, (twice the number of Paypal!) all of whom have the potential to increase your business' transaction volume and profits.

Facts about Alipay

  • 450 Million active users
  • Accounts for 44% of global mobile wallet spending and is on pace to reach 60% by 2020*

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Increased Profits

Boost revenue and profits of your business by connecting to Chinese tourists

Brand Exposure

Gain brand exposure with
450 million active Alipay users!

Happier Customers

Increase customer satisfaction by providing a convenient payment option

How It Works

Alipay user opens the app and presses Pay

The Alipay user opens the Alipay app on their phone. The user presses "Pay"

A barcode and QR code is generated

A unique barcode and QR code will be generated. The Alipay user shows the bar code to the merchant.

Merchant scans the barcode

The merchant scans the barcode (not QR code) on Alipay user's phone with the provided terminal.

Payment confirmation page

Payment confirmation page will be shown on Alipay user's phone.

Payment completed

Payment Completed!

Q1. What is Alipay Payment Service?

Alipay is the world's largest mobile payment application, with over 450 million active Chinese consumers. These consumers can use Alipay as a payment method in many different aspects of thir daily life.

Q2. Who is Alipay?

Alipay is an affiliate company of Ant Financial Services Group, and is China’s most popular digital wallet. Currently, there are 450 million people using the app to shop offline, online, book vacations, and even pay their utility bills. There are literally hundreds of ways to put Alipay to work. View this video for more information about consumers using Alipay in their daily lives. (Video)

Q3. Who can use the Alipay Payment Service?

The Alipay Payment Service is available to users who have a bank account in China. Users that do not have a Chinese bank account can still download the app and use other services that Alipay provides, but they will not have access to the Alipay Payment Service.

Q4. How does the Alipay Payment Service work?

Alipay users can use the Alipay app to purchase goods in-store with the support of the terminal provided by US Bankcard Services, Inc. (USBSI). At the point of sale, the user launches the Alipay app and opens a screen with a unique barcode. The Merchant will enter the amount of the transaction into the terminal and then scan their customer’s unique barcode with the terminal. The device will authenticate the transaction and charge the user. The amount charged will be in RMB and converted based on the daily exchange rate from the USD amount charged. The same exchange rate will apply to any refunds.

Q5. What are the service charges of the Alipay Payment Service? Are there any additional costs I should be aware of?

Alipay does not charge any fees to the users for using the service and it provides their users with the lowest exchange rate available. Merchants will be charged a discount rate and settlement fee as well as any other service related fees as mentioned in the contract.

Q6. Are there any transaction limits? If there are, what are they?

The maximum transaction amount is 300,000 RMB per day, per user (approximately $45,000 USD). This transaction limit is applied per Alipay account. Alipay accounts with multiple cards will be subject to the same restrictions. The per day limit is per 24 hours (non-rolling) based on Beijing time of 00:00 ~ 23:59pm.

Q7. If I already have a merchant processing account with USBSI, will my Alipay account be tied with my existing account?

No, your Alipay account will not be linked to your existing USBSI account. They are separate accounts with different contracts.

Q8. Is Alipay suitable for my business?

At this time, Alipay Payment Services only apply to face-to-face transactions. Therefore, it is suitable for retail or restaurant merchants, but not for Mail Order/ Telephone Order or eCommerce merchants.
Additionally, merchants who are on the list of prohibited business types will not be able to accept Alipay. For more information, please visit

Q9. Can I use my existing terminals to accept Alipay payments?

No, other existing terminals do not have the function to accept Alipay payments. In order to accept Alipay payments, you must open an Alipay account with USBSI and use the specific terminal provided.

Q10. Will a receipt be printed after each transaction?

Yes, each transaction will print a receipt.

Q11. How much does the terminal cost?

USBSI provides the terminal to merchants as a FREE LOANER.



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