US Bankcard Services Milestones
2012 Reached 10,000 fans on the company’s Facebook Page
2011 US Bankcard Services, Inc. celebrates 15 years in business
Wins the Elavon Arch Award again, the second year the award has been presented.
2010 Inaugural winner of Elavon “Arch Award” for reaching $1.5 Billion USD in annual transaction volume
2009 Launched “QuickDining” Restaurant e-Service
2008 Established business partnership with China Unionpay
2007 Expanded Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, and Spanish support
2006 Introduced exclusive Chinese/ English bilingual terminal
2005 Processed over 1.5 billion dollars in volume.
Ranked Top 3 MSP for Elavon/ U.S. Bank
2004 Established In-house Chargeback Support team
2002 Established ISO relationship with FDMS (First Data)
2001 Ranked Top 10 MSP for Elavon/ U.S. Bank
2000 Established MSP relationship with Elavon/ U.S. Bank
Expanded merchant services nationwide
Established In-house Merchant Support Group
1999 U.S. Bankcard Services Incorporates
1996 USBSI Opens It’s Door. Offer merchant service to Southern California